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Sino-French Symposium on Health Law and Bioethics


Southern Medical University Guangzhou

25-26 April 25th 2014

Agenda- 议程(待定)

Friday 25th, April 2014,周五

  • 9.30 – 10-00 Openning remarks (chair) 开幕式(主持人):文民刚
    Speaker1,致辞人1: Anne-Marie DUGUET
    Speaker2,致辞人2: 姜虹
  • 10:00-10:30-- Tea Break and Group Photos 茶歇,集体照
  • 10:30 - 12:30 --Session 1 第一部分
    Key Note Speech (Chair): 主题演讲(主持人):刘俊荣 Anne-Marie DUGUET : Health Technology & Ethic生命科学技术与伦理 Chengguang Huang Professor,Tsinghua University (THU), College of Law 王晨光 清华大学法学院 教授 Right to Health:base on ethic & rechtsphilosophie 生命健康权的伦理与法理基础
    12:30 - 14:30 Lunch and Rest 午餐,午休 Session 2 第二部分
    14:30 - 17:30 Key Note Speech (Chair): 主题演讲(主持人): 夏芸
    1 : Vera Lucia RAPOSO Health care: the right to say yes and the right to say no 健康权与人权 Jinhai Yan Professor V,South Medical University(SMU) College of Humanities and management 严金海 南方医科大学 人文与管理学院 教授 : Zhongjing Zhang's medical ethics review: Base on Confucian vie 张仲景的儒家医学伦理思想评述 2 : Prof Jacques LARRIEU : IP and pharmaceutics, a sensible Relationship: the example of medical devices and robots 18:30 - 20:00 Welcome Dinner 欢迎晚宴 (主持: 林雄辉)

    Saturday 26th, April in 2014,周六

    Session 3 第三部分 Branch Meeting and Discuss 分组会议
    1: Branch Meeting and DiscussⅠ 分组会议 Ⅰ(雷娟负责) (主持:杜仕林):
    health, right and ethic 卫生,权利与伦理 Harm or care: events, systems and enlightenment of the United States’ prevention and control of infectious diseases 伤害或关爱:美国传染病防治 事件•制度•启示
    Other Attender:Anne-Marie DUGUET,Vera Lucia Raposo,Pro. Wang 王平,Pro. Gu古津贤,Pro. Liu , Vera Lucia Raposo

    Branch Meeting and Discuss II
    1-分组会议 II (冯曦负责)(主持: 蒲川):Public Health Governance World Trade and International Agreements公共治理、国际贸易与国际协定
  • Alexandra MENDOZA CAMINADE World circulation of health products : property and patents versus public interests.
  • Rui-sheng Zeng 曾瑞声 : 转变中的全球公共卫生治理机制:国家利益还是全球公共利益 Global Health Governance Mechanism in Transition: National Interests or Global Public Interests?
  • Cyril Delpierre : Public health governance:(Global/Regional )
  • Xi Feng冯曦 : The resolution of medical disputes : Chinese approach _医疗纠纷的解决:中国的探索
    . From Taiwan 台湾学者: 待定
  • Yiqin Hong 洪亦卿 : The Legalization of International Health Cooperation 论国际卫生合作的法律化 Other Attenders: ,南方医教授,
  • Prof Jacques Larrieu , Prof TU (University of Macau ) 涂广建,Prof Weng翁开源,Prof Xiao肖鹏,夏芸
    16:30 - 17:00 Closing Ceremony 闭幕式 Moderator主持人:姜 虹
    Speaker1,致辞人1: Anne-Marie DUGUET

    18:00 - 20:00 Dinner 晚餐(主持: 林雄辉)