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Faculté de Médecine Toulouse

First French-Chinese Symposium Toulouse

Friday June 28th, 2013

Faculté de Médecine- 37, Allées Jules Guesde

9am- Chair: Pr Alexandra Mendoza-Caminade and Pr Dean Harris
Presentation of research works conducted in cooperation between France and China in the programs Cai Yuanpei et Xu Guangqi and the presentation of PhD student research.
Speakers: Meng Wen, Zihan Chen, Chuanjuan Zuhang, Mou Li
11 - 12.30 Chair: Pr Alain Grand , Laurent Grosclaude
Organization of the cooperation in Public health: Proposals for training and teaching especially the French-Chinese Master of health law and public health.
2pm-4pm :Chair: Pr Jacques Larrieu and Hongjie Man
Presentation of the cooperative works conducted in the French-Chinese Working Groups. (see the list below with the members).
Speakers: WG 1 :Emmanuelle Rial WG 2 :Gauthier Chassang WG 3 :Hongjie Man WU 4 Zuhang Chuanjuan WG 5: Wu Tao Presentation of the project of Ageing and Alzheimer supported by the Biolaw Society Speakers: Bénédicte Bévière,Xin Chen
4.30pm : Proposals of exchanges of teachers and researchers.
Chair:Anne-Cambon Thomsen,Pr Qi Yanping
Open discussion for a selection of programs of cooperation in humanities and social sciences (relevant for health law and bioethics). Proposals of future international events on health law and bioethics in China and in France.

: Participants For China:
    Pr Qi Dean of the Law School of Shandong University
    Pr Hongjie Man: Associate Professor Law School Shandong University
    Wu Tao: Associate researcher projet Cai Yuanpei.
    Meng Wen and Chen Zihan: PhD student Cia Yuanpei project.
    Mou Li: PhD student sponsored by CSC.
    Zhuang Chuanjuan :PhD student sponsored by the Midi Pyrenées Region and the PRES Toulouse.
    Hang Xu: PhD student from SDU. Xin Chen: Shanghai Jiaotong University A representative of the China Health Law society Sun Baolin
For France and UPS network:
    Pr Alain Grand: head of Public health Department
    Anne-Cambon Thomsen : Head of team 4 UMR/INSERM Unit 1027 UPS,
    Bénédicte Bévière: Assistant professor University of Besançon,
    Emmanuelle Rial Researcher UMR/ INSERM 1027 Unit.
    Dean Harris University of South Carolina (USA)
    Pr Jacques Larrieu Toulouse1 Capitole University
    Alexandra Mendoza-Caminade: Toulouse1 Capitole University
    Pr Isabelle Poirot-Mazères: Toulouse1 Capitole University,
    Laurent Grosclaude ; Vice-President Toulouse University,
    Pr Sovan Lek: Paul Sabatier University,
    AM Duguet: MCU Paul Sabatier University.
    A representative of the French - Chinese Biolaw Society : Bénédicte Bévière

    NB As some Chinese members of the WG will not be able to attend the meeting their work will be presented by some of the French Colleagues or PhD students.